PABAsoft offers a true paperless health record, extensive therapy material,
data collection while cutting administrative costs and improving collaboration between clinical team members and families.


Video Data Point Capture

Allows senior therapists to attend to more clients as well as remote clients. It holds each therapist accountable to appropriate therapy and time spent with each client (increased productivity).

Automatic Alerts that are sent via Email to Mobile Phones

Allows the professional team to share breakthroughs and setbacks with family members anywhere in the world. Increases productivity and the sharing of information across the client’s support systems.

Session Material Creation

Use our slide, deck and program creator to create and develop all necessary session materials.

Clinical Dashboard and Graphing

Graph all sessional response data that is time stamped and linked to the appropriate slide and video capture.

Reinforcement decks built in

Allows the therapist to quickly and easily reinforce the client during the session.

Increase Potential as a Centre

Increased revenue and productivity per therapist. Expand reach to new customers.



Content Creator

Create and customize all therapy materials. You are able to upload embedded videos and bulk upload mass therapy materials to one easy-to-use program creator.


Clinical Assistant

Graphs and plots all program data along with the appropriate video capture and time stamp. Easily filter through data by date, time, therapist, curriculum, program and phase.


Client manager

The client manager stores all personal client information and provides a list of the clinical team information for each client.


Report Manager

Easily and quickly organize all of the session data for printing. Session data includes graphed responses and their corresponding slides, program details and clinical data.

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How It Works

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Create: Quickly and easily create therapy session material and attach them to specific programs to run with your client.

PABAsoft allows you to upload images and videos, customize your slides, create your personalized decks, attach those decks to specific clinical programs and allows the user to store the created material in an organized library.

Capture: Collect data and capture video of each session with your client.

PABAsoft not only collects diverse data such as prompt data and behavioral data, it also captures video data points of the session, which is stored in the clinical dashboard. This video capture not only captures the therapy environment but also captures client behavior and fosters accountable therapy.

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Collaborate: PABAsoft fosters therapy collaboration across countries and time zones.

All data and video capture points are captured, plotted and organized into a clinical dashboard. This allows therapists easy access to program data and in-session video to assess the programs validity and success. Senior therapists can have access to all data and therapy session information from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

  • " We see PABAsoft's solution impacting our operations at Blue-Balloon. We have long envisioned having a tool in place that would allow us to collect and analyze data on our clinical programs such that we can be continually developing and improving our programs over time. PABAsoft's solution is addressing these and other core issues. Our goal is to work with PABAsoft's to not only have an immediate impact on our ABA programs, but to generalize the use of the PABAsoft's solution to apply to all of our clinical programs. Taking this all into consideration, the potential impact on children and families is huge.
    There are exciting days ahead for us. We are already making changes to our internal systems in anticipation of PABAsoft's coming online. I'm looking forward to working with PABAsoft to achieve the results we've envisioned.

    Steve Mac Ewen | CEO - Blue-Balloon Heath Services

  • "PABAsoft Finalist at the Microsoft Partner Network IMPACT AWARDS 2012.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any discounts for larger centers?

Yes, we do offer discounts for larger centers. We offer a 5% discount off our prices for centers serving between 50 and 100 clients. We also offer a 10% discount for centers serving more than 100 clients.

How do I add a client?

To add a new client to your PABAsoft network visit the PABAsoft portal homepage. From there click on ‘Client Manager’ then click the ‘Add’ button and enter the new client’s information.

How do I get a program to show up on the client app to run with a student?

In order to run a program on the client app, you need to be granted access to that program. Consult your supervising therapist about having access to a certain program you wish to run. If you are the supervising therapist, click ‘Content Creator’ from PABAsoft’s portal homepage. From here, select the appropriate client then click ‘My Library’. Click the program you wish to allow the therapist to run then click ‘Edit’. Highlight the therapists name in the left hand column then click ‘Save and Exit’. The therapist now has access to that program on the client app.

How do I reinforce a student while in a program?

To reinforce a client while running a program tap or click on the right hand side of the screen to bring the right hand menu out. You will see a trophy icon button at the bottom of the slide out menu. Press the trophy and then enter a data point for that slide using the left hand slide out menu. Once you have done this, PABAsoft will take you to the next slide where a reinforcing image or video will be displayed for the clients benefit.

How do I get images and videos from my computer/YouTube into PABAsoft?

- To upload therapy materials click on ‘Content Creator’ from the PABAsoft portal homepage. From here select your appropriate client then select ‘Create a deck’. To upload desired images click the ‘Images’ tab from the left hand menu. Click the cloud upload button. Select whether you want to automatically make it into a slide, select a filtering category and add any desired tags to easily find the image from your library later. Click ‘Select File(s) to Upload’ browse and select the desired files for upload then click ‘Upload Files’. Once this is done, your images will be available in your library.
- To upload videos from file or embed an online video select the ‘Video’ tab from the left hand menu. Click the cloud upload button. Select whether you want to automatically make it into a slide, select a filtering category and add any desired tags to easily find the image from your library later. Select the type of file you are uploading (video file upload or video link). Input information and click upload or save video link.




PABAsoft Quick Start

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Technical Support / Get In Touch

If you are experiencing technical difficulties or have any feedback you wish to convey please send us an email and we will quickly respond

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